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July 26th, 2017

Ta-da!  Our new Driveway sign has been up for a while now; I finally got around to putting the pictures up online just recently!    I really love the flower addition... now I just have to remember to water them!  :) 

July 12th, 2017
The Strawberries are here... and they taste so amazing!  With the lack of snow cover this past winter, and the -30 temperature, some of our strawberry runners did not survive! But they are growing like crazy, and producing a bunch now- there are also so many wild strawberries growing in the fields this year!

July 11th, 2017 

A fire started yesterday, just outside of Telegraph Creek(heading towards Dease Lake), on the other side of the Stikine River!.Thankfully Firefighters  were able to put it out today(Thank you!) Lightning seemed to be the cause of the fire.  (Update: Thankfully we have had a bunch of rain these last couple of days, and has been quite cool!

Location of the fire, via BC Wildfire Active Map

Not the best photo- but you can see where the fire had started! 

June 21st, 2017

Bacon Pancakes...aka Pancacon Dippers! 

So I made these the past two mornings...because they were pretty darn good! I am not normally a pancake person, but hey, these are amazing ...dipped in Maple syrup... it's a quick and yummy breakfast, and would make an amazing breakfast if you are camping!(I can't wait to try this when we go camping next!)     There really is no recipe; you just need a standard pancake batter, and cooked bacon(easy right?!).

Pancacon Dippers Recipe
In a lightly greased fryingpan on medium/low heat, 
 either using a squeeze bottle filled with the pancake batter, or just using a spoon, make multiple oval strips with the batter in your pan(I did 5 at a time in mine); slighter bigger than your slices of bacon, but not by much, and not too thick!   Add your cooked slice of bacon right in the middle, then add a bit more of the batter on top, just enough to cover the bacon... flip over, once it is nice and golden brown, wait a minute or two, and it's ready!(you don't want to cook these too fast)

Now, get a little tiny bowl or small mason jar for the maple syrup..dip..and enjoy..YUM!

June 21st, 2017

Time for a good storm! 
It seems like the wind is never ending around here!  It blew in some clouds earlier;  they came and went, no rain this time.

Storm or no storm, the chickens are still producing anywhere between 15-20 eggs a day!   These girls sure enjoy the vegetable scraps and lawn mower clippings.

*Egg Basket made by Willow Bender! <--- Click on that link to check out her Facebook page and see all of her beautiful creations!

June 18th, 2017

Today was such a beautiful day in Telegraph Creek; Not alot of wind, or clouds, for the most part! I was watering the hanging baskets at the Bed and Breakfast today and snapped this photo above; looking at the Stingy mountains, such a beautiful view!

View from the rocking chair!